I'm an Assistant Professor at Milwaukee School of Engineering. 


Previously I was a Senior User Experience Researcher at Google for almost 5 years. I completed a Ph.D. with GroupLens Research in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Minnesota. My advisor was Dr. Loren Terveen. My research was supported by several fellowships including a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. I worked for a year at Facebook as a User Experience Researcher while writing my dissertation.


I received my BAs from Berea College in Computer Science and Mathematics.

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Kayaking on vacation in Alaska

"Katie, your ability to swing into action and do just enough research just in time is impressive. Within *a couple hours* of a contentious topic being raised on a project that wasn't even on your radar, you grokked the issue, developed a research plan, drafted study materials, refined them, pushed the whole shebang live, and started gathering data before leaving for the evening like it was no big deal."

Interaction Design Colleague
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A colleague on a field research trip to Mumbai

User Experience

I enjoy working to improve user experiences. Through my work at Google, Facebook, research, teaching assistantships, and internship, I have learned a variety of methods which I've applied both in the US and abroad. These include survey design and analysis, persona building, heuristic evaluation, cognitive walkthroughs, user interviews, ethnography, in person and remote usability testing, and quantitative analysis. I've worked at all phases of product development from formative interviews through post-launch monitoring. My favorite work is formative or big picture research, trying to understand what the users' needs are and how we might be able to meet those needs. more

"Katie does a great job of staying in touch with students and communicating about assignments and giving guidance and feedback....Overall she is a great asset for this program. Other courses should also have a TA to assist the way she does." 

Student in SENG 5115, Graphical User Interface Design and Evaluation


Throughout the fourteen years I've been involved in higher education, the classes 
that I've been in have formed me and my ideas about teaching. I've sat in discussions with only three other students as well as lecture halls with over 100 classmates. This, combined with my experience in front of the classroom, has formed many of my thoughts and opinions about teaching and learning. In my teaching philosophy, I focus on some of the elements that I believe are most crucial in a user experience classroom: individualized attention, good communication, coverage of user experience essentials, and diversity. I've also included student evaluations to show how I've applied these in my past teaching. As I continue through my career, I expect that these will shift and change as I gain experience, informed by my time in, and out, of the classroom.

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Explaining my graduate research 

"Katie, on very short notice you completed a HUGE branding survey project... Completing and analyzing DOZENS of surveys in only one week - with no advance notice - was really astonishing. There are few UERs [User Experience Researchers] at the company who could have executed that project in that timeline at all, let alone with no advanced planning time -- you did all of this AND had substantial impact." 

Research Manager