Conference Papers (Peer-Reviewed)

K. Panciera, M. Masli, and L. Terveen. “'Creme de la creme: Elite contributors in an online community”. In Proc. OpenSym 2014.
Acceptance rate: 45%


K. Krauskopf, J. Bertram, Y. P. A. Hsiao, S. Huber, K. Panciera, N. Sträfling, A. Wichmann, and J. van Aalst. "Memetic Processes as Conceptual Framework for Idea Improvement in Knowledge Building." In Proc. ICLS 2012.


K. Panciera, M. Masli, and L. Terveen. “'How should I go from __ to __ without getting killed?' Motivation and Benefits in Open Collaboration”. In Proc. WikiSym 2011.
Acceptance rate: 42%


K. Panciera, R. Priedhorsky, T. Erickson, and L. Terveen. “Lurking? Cyclopaths? A Quantitative Lifecycle Analysis of User Behavior in a Geowiki”. In Proc. CHI 2010. Honorable Mention for Best Paper.
Acceptance rate: 22%


K. Panciera, A. Halfaker, and L. Terveen. "Wikipedians are Born, Not Made: A Study of Power Editors in Wikipedia." Proceedings of GROUP 2009.
Acceptance rate: 36%


R. Priedhorsky, J. Chen, S. T. K. Lam, K. Panciera, L. Terveen, J. Riedl. “Creating, Destroying, and Restoring Value in Wikipedia”. In Proc. GROUP 2007.
Acceptance rate: 28%


K. Cannon, K. Panciera, and N. Papanikolopoulos. "Second Annual Robotics Summer Camp for Underrepresented Students." In Proc. ITiCSE 2007.
Acceptance rate: 30%

Journal Papers (Peer-Reviewed)

K. Cannon, M. LaPoint, N. Bird, K. Panciera, H. Veeraraghavan, N. Papanikolopoulos, and M. Gini. "Summer Educational Opportunities for Underrepresented Groups Using Robots". IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine. June 2007.



K. Panciera. Consumers, Editors, and Power Editors at Work: Diversity of Users in Online Peer Production Communities. September 2014. 




K. Panciera. Then When and Why of User Participation. WikiSym, October 2011.

K. Panciera. Then When and Why of User Participation. Social-Computational Systems Workshop, June 2011.

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K. Panciera, R. Priedhorsky, A. Halfaker, T. Erickson, and L. Terveen. "Wikipedians? Cyclopaths? A Quantitative Analysis of Power Users in Online Communities". MinneWic (Regional Celebration of Women in Computing in the Upper MidWest). Feb. 2010.

K. Panciera, M. Cardosa, and A. Rouben. "Wikipedians over Time: A Comparative Study of User Contributions." Grace Hopper Celebration, October 2007.


Organized Workshops and Panels

A. Forte, S. P. Goggins, S. Sawyer, D. Rotman, M. Twidale, C. Sims, K. Shankar, B. Butler, K. Panciera, and H. Mentis. Socio-Technical Research: Connecting Disciplines in the iSchools. iConference, February 2011.

S. P. Goggins, A. Forte, S. Sawyer, D. Rotman, M. Twidale, C. Sims, K. Shankar, B. Butler, K. Panciera, and H. Mentis. Sharing the Socio-Technical Workshop Results: An Alternative Event with Alternate Endings. iConference, February 2011.

K. Y. Rozier, K. R. Walcott, and K. Panciera. "Choosing Your Building Bricks: How to Find Your Research Direction." Grace Hopper Celebration, October 2008.


Doctoral Consortia

Doctoral Consortium at WikiSym 2011. Palo Alto, CA. October 2011.

Doctoral Symposium at the Social-Computational Systems Workshop. Minneapolis, MN. June 2011.

2010 Summer Research Institute for the Science of Socio-Technical Systems. Stevenson, WA. June 2010.

Workshops and Panels

Digital Change Symposium Panelist: Alternative digital futures for money and exchange. Royal Society, London, England. April 2015.

Collaboration and Social Computing in Emerging Financial Services Workshop at CSCW. Vancouver, BC. March 2015.


Summer Social Webshop at the University of Maryland. College Park, MD. August 2012.

SAVI Planning Workshop: Towards a Virtual Institute for the Measurement, Evaluation and Management of Open Online Communities. Syracuse, NY. July 2012

Making Sense of Social Media: Empirical Research and Future Directions. Swabian Alb, Germany. August 2011.

Human Computer Interaction Consortium (HCIC) 2011. Pacific Grove, CA. June 2011.

Ph.D. Forum at the Grace Hopper Celebration. Atlanta, GA. October 2010.

"How do I become a researcher?" Panel at CRA-W Career Mentoring Workshop (Grace Hopper Celebration). Atlanta, GA. October 2010.


Approaching Amateurs Workshop at GROUP. Sanibel Island, FL. May 2009.